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Connect to your information
Employee Self Service provides you with direct access to your Payroll and Human Resource information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need to put in a request for your information, you simply log into the portal and access it directly at any time, from anywhere.
Easy access your W-2
Easily access your W-2 form and print a copy on the spot from wherever you are whether you are applying for a loan or doing your taxes with your accountant.
Access your Pay stub
See all you pay statements including the hours you worked and pay rates. Need to re-print your pay stubs for wage verification or validation? Want to export the entire list of your payments to MS Excel? Great! You can do it all directly from the portal
Review your schedule effortless
Review your upcoming weeks schedule including location, position, shift start and end time. All of the information you used to have to search for is now available in an instant.
Submit your leave request
Submit a leave request to your supervisor for time off for Jury Duty, Military, Sick Leave, Vacation or PTO Days. It's easy, because everything is automated and right at your fingertips including your supervisors approval.
Track your Training & Licenses
Never miss your training again or let you license expire. You can check your training schedule and the date for renewal of your License.

Resource Center
Visit our Resource Center and utilize any of our many tools to provide you with assistance determining how life events, changes in tax status or contributions to your 401k will affect your net pay each pay cycle.
What if scenarios do affect your net pay?
Use our dual scenario side by side pay calculator to see how life changing events will affect your net pay. You can make changes to your State or Federal Filing Status or number of exemptions and evaluate the impact on your take home pay.